You, our customers are the reason Distinguishing Designs exists and we value your feedback. Here are some of the great things that some of our clients have said about us.

Cheryl Dash was responsible for developing and operating the Website for our church; Christian Outreach Center of Fort Worth, Inc.   She did an outstanding job of setting it up as well as maintaining it. We were very pleased with the quality of her work, her integrity and creativity.

I highly recommend her for this and any job she applies for. If more information is needed, please feel free to contact me at: (817) 924-9995.

Rose M. King
Senior Pastor, Christian Outreach Center Church

Our website, Dr. Michael Beauty was built by Distinguishing Designs. We are very proud of the design style and graphics. The cost was within budget and we will use them again next time for an upgrade.
Peter, CEO
Dr. Michael Beauty, LLC

Our graphic design work was phenomenal. Cheryl designed the majority  of our graphic designs for our conferences, meetings events, fellowships, picnics, business cards, letterhead and much more. She is creative, original,  sensitive to details, and always brings great ideas to the table.
Lois, Office Manager
Christian Outreach Center

My experience with Cheryl Dash was nothing short of incredible. I must admit that I started this project with the notion that Cheryl was simply building a website. But what I received was much, much more! First of all, let me start off by saying, the website is absolutely amazing. But what is more amazing is the graphic designs! Skillfully created, complimentary, while completing my intended message to the audience.

I also must say I really appreciated her in allowing me to have my artistic freedom, but still giving me the needed feedback and the insight to complete this project. But again, through her graphic designs, she’s managed to capture the true essence of  “The John Edwards Project.” I would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of graphic designs in any facet.
Thank You!
Writer, Creator
The John Edwards Project

Cheryl Dash does awesome graphic design work. She created a beautiful colorful catalog that showcased all of my delicious baked goods. My customers would often comment about how professional and inviting it was. I used quite a few of her graphics on my website page holder – Breads and Moore. She also designed business cards and a logo for my business. Cheryl is the one to call for professional graphic design work.
Owner, Breads & Moore

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